Welcome, Wife!

Let me start out with full disclosure:

This is a page born out of frustration. I just got off the phone with another friend who says her marriage is ending. And it frustrates me because I see the hurt that led to the decision. I’m frustrated because she was once so in love with the Lord and her husband and life, but is now so caught up in her trials that her love has stagnated. And I’m frustrated because she is not the only  one. 

Some time ago, I had asked a pastor friend about how to respond to situations like this. He advised that it takes two to work on a marriage, so if you’re out for lunch with one, just help the one. Marital problems can take a toll on our spiritual condition, but I believe (and have  seen) a woman can be spiritually healthy in the midst of turmoil.

So here we are. Are you healthy? As healthy as you want to be? As you know you can be? If not, you might not know where to start.

Let’s start here: find a woman that you have at least three things in common with and commit to pray for her. 

Maybe she has the same kind of kids as you, or the same number, or the same age. Maybe she’s in the same line of work as you or her husband the same as yours. Maybe she has the same name as you, or the same birthday, or the same home town. Maybe she’s also a homeschool momma or lactose intolerant, or whatever, the list goes on. 

Get creative, but get connected. And tell her. Then ask her to reciprocate. “We have a lot in common and I’d like to commit to pray for you. Would you also commit to pray for me?” And when your strong-willed child is acting up, pray for her and her strong-willed child. When there’s a threat at school, pray for her kids as well as yours. When your husband complains about your dinner, pray for her cooking skills. When you’re facing layoffs or up for promotion at work, pray for her career. When you face a challenge that you know she is also likely to face, pray for her.

Then touch base from time to time. Don’t be offended if she forgot she was supposed to be praying for you. Praying for her is your reward, as well as the growth in your own spiritual life. My prayer for you is that you will find yourself growing stronger, healthier as you commit to pray for others, and that your marriage and home will be healthier as a result.


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